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Occupational therapists work with people to achieve their unique “occupations,” which include the daily tasks a person does to accomplish their own care, leisure or productive activities (e.g. work, school, child care).
Occupational therapists evaluate a person’s abilities, goals, and environment to create unique solutions that enable safe, independent and meaningful functioning in hospital, home and the community. They work with various populations encompassing physical, cognitive and mental health issues. 


Occupational therapists help people:

  • learn new ways of doing things

  • regain skills and develop new ones

  • use materials or equipment that makes life easier, or

  • adapt their environment to work better for them.


Occupational therapists often work on a team with physiotherapists, but the two roles are distinct. Physiotherapists help people restore physical function; occupational therapists focus on how that function affects the ability to do the things that are important to them.


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